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For a better user experience

Good usability of products is a central component of a positive user experience and also ensures safety, accessibility and sustainable use. Good usability reduces costs and has a positive impact on brand and customer satisfaction. For example, it reduces calls to the hotline or operating errors. Usability management is therefore a natural part of our design process and we are happy to support you in optimizing your products and services.

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Human-Centered Design
The focus of usability is on people: Human-centered design is first and foremost about understanding users. In a process of observation, conceptualization, testing and iteration, we not only develop new ideas, but can also tailor products perfectly to people’s needs.

Human Factors Engineering

Using the methods of Human-Centered Design, we systematically support our customers in their usability management. This includes the selection of suitable partners, the planning of appropriate measures and methods (e.g. co-creation workshops, heuritic or formal evaluations of concepts) as well as the construction of demonstrators and prototypes. We accompany you through the entire process, from the preparation (including the definition of target groups and questions), to the implementation, to the concrete evaluation and definition of further steps. If required, we complement all measures with personal coaching and training.

In all our projects we observe and interview users, develop prototypes and test them in different iteration stages. The results flow directly into further development and also help to understand the real requirements and to design better products. We often work together with specialized usability service providers, because we believe that neutral and unbiased work is the be-all and end-all of quality assurance. In all of this, we pay attention to a systematic approach that helps to keep an eye on the “big picture” in the jungle of guidelines, standards and details.

Bild: Usability-Test mit Iconstorm
Ergonomics Standard
ISO 26800:11 outlines general principles and concepts of ergonomics that are applicable in the design of products and services to address human needs.

Accessibility & Universal Design

In addition to usability, accessibility is an essential aspect of ergonomics. The topic is becoming increasingly relevant from a company’s point of view, as legislators are demanding corresponding implementation in software and web applications: The European Accessibility Act (EAA) has already been in force since 2019, and its regulations must be implemented by 2025. The abilities of people who use a product can vary greatly. Users not only have different levels of competence in handling different technologies; physical impairments, for example, must also be taken into account.

Accordingly, it is important to consider the topic of accessibility based on defined guidelines in the design and development process. For various customers, we have implemented the topic of accessibility for their web applications based on the legal requirements and pay attention to the integration of appropriate criteria early in the design.

Example Projects

Bild: Co-Creation mit audifon
Audifon Usability Management
We support the manufacturer of smart hearing aids in design management in order to digitize the products in co-creation workshops from research, conceptualization, and ideation to the construction of testable prototypes. Good usability management and accessibility play an important role in medical technology products such as hearing aids, not least because many legal requirements have to be met. In this regard, we also support audifon in the documentation of measures relevant to approval in accordance with DIN-EN 62366-1:2017-07 and in maintaining the so-called usability engineering file.

Bild: EU Accessibility Roadmap
Accessibility with Deutsche Telekom
With Deutsche Telekom, we are optimizing the Group’s design system components in line with the Access for All certification standard that will be mandatory from 2025. With this, websites must be made available barrier-free in the future. To speed up the process, we have internally replicated the customer’s test track in order to preemptively rule out any deviations and will achieve the certification standard on schedule before the deadline.


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