White Paper: Sustainable Business Design

New White Paper: Sustainable Business Design

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In this blog post: We are excited to announce the publication of a new white paper on Sustainable Business Design. You can download it right here on our website.

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Sustainable business growth with Strategic Design

Innovation today must be viewed under the paradigm of sustainability. The days when business models could be developed purely on the basis of profit generation are in the past. Instead, it is necessary to include other perspectives in the innovation process to stay successful in the long-term. This is why we developed our Strategic Design approach; and in our paper we would like to give you a closer look at it as well as some practical tips on how to get started.

Topics and content

In the paper you will find a detailed introduction to the topic of Business Design and its embedding in the Strategic Design framework. You will also find an interview with our business designers and a case study of one of our projects. Finally, we have compiled a lot of practical tips that will help you to use design methods in your own organization.

Applicable for many purposes

Wir glauben, dass Strategic Design für jede Organisation interessant ist. Es hat sich gezeigt, dass Unternehmen, die Design einen hohen Stellenwert einräumen, am Markt innovativer, zielgerichteter und agiler agieren. Das liegt daran, dass die Methoden unserer Branche Probleme bzw. Herausforderungen anders angehen, als traditionelle organisationale Prozesse. What’s more, they can be applied to almost any business topic, and they don’t even require a large investment. If you are interested in getting started with this topic, we have written this white paper for you.

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Iconstorm White Paper<br>Sustainable Business Design
Iconstorm White Paper
Sustainable Business Design

Shape a future-ready business with Strategic Design

  • Use proven Business Design methods to develop sustainable business models.
  • Create Meaningful Innovation using the Strategic Design framework.
  • Including an expert interview, a case study and our favorite practice tips.