Fitness platform for a German-Chinese business venture

From a fitness app to full-fledged health manager


At a glance

The customer, a German-Chinese company was a manufacturer of fitness equipment and wanted to build their own app. We identified their actual pain points and designed a networked system that would bring together fitness equipment, a fitness tracker and various stakeholders in the industry on a central platform.


The Client

A German-Chinese manufacturer of fitness equipment asked about the design of an app that would work in conjunction with its equipment. There was no precise objective, so we worked out a strategy together with the customer.



The Challenge

The challenge was to identify a USP: Why should users use the app? During the iteration on the app, a proposal was made to build a central platform that would bring together all stakeholders in the industry. The app should be able to communicate with fitness equipment and a fitness tracker and extend the functionality of the tracker in fitness studios.


The Outcome

We developed a prototype app that allowed users to centrally manage their training and fitness goals. The app should connect to fitness equipment in studios via Bluetooth or NFC and automatically adjust the fitness programs of the equipment based on the user’s data. The USP was that users could follow their fitness program through the central platform in the studios with compatible devices. As part of the development, we also built a prototype for a fitness tracker for the customer, designed a strategy for converting the fitness equipment and proposed a business model for the platform to the customer.


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