Strategic Design for a new Fitness Brand

Business-Modell for a new Fitness Platform


At a glance

The customer was an OEM manufacturer of fitness equipment for the Chinese market. They wanted to offer their equipment as part of a fitness platform. We designed prototypes for an app, a fitness tracker, device displays and proposed a business model for the platform.



The Client

As an original equipment manufacturer, the customer supplied the Chinese market with fitness equipment. He wanted to change his value chain and offer the equipment as part of a fitness platform that works in conjunction with his own fitness tracker and app. This was intended to close a gap in the market: current fitness trackers have little functionality in the studio so far.


The Challenge

In addition to the construction of prototypes for apps and fitness trackers and the conversion of the equipment park, a business model had to be identified. This was intended to benefit the manufacturer’s customers as well as fitness studio visitors and trainers. The platform was intended to bring all stakeholders in the market together.


The Outcome

We identified relevant use cases and models with which the ideas could be monetized. Three exemplary scenarios: First, customers should be able to book fitness courses via the platform, which automatically modify the training according to the goals through communication in the app and a fitness tracker with compatible devices. Fitness trainers offer their own courses on the platform, which can be booked by customers, a small part of which is paid to the platform operator. Second, gyms should participate on the platform by being allowed to operate the system on the equipment on site when paying a regular fee.  Third, sellers of devices could buy add-ons from the OEM manufacturer with which they could operate the system on their own devices.


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