Design for Telekom Login

Designing an invisible product for millions of users


At a glance

With Deutsche Telekom we have developed a login process that is relevant for all German customers and services of the company. Concerning this project it is notable that the finished product works best when its users do not even come into contact with it at all. The project was deeply complex and required precise process design, intensive prototyping and the development of a strategy for internal implementation in a large corporation.


The Client

Deutsche Telekom offers its customers a unified account that is used across all services. This works best if customers do not touch the process behind it at all, but if a condition is not met, they interact with a standardized login mask. We developed these together with Deutsche Telekom in an intensive process consisting of ideation, prototyping, tests and user feedback in several iterations. The work with Deutsche Telekom was particularly characterised by a high degree of professionalism in the tests as well as a willingness to carry them out. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to expressly thank their team for the good work.


The Challenge

The design of the Telekom Login focused on two topics. The first was the process design. How do we design a process that has been planned on the basis of IT systems to be as customer and user friendly as possible? It should run across all Telekom products, platforms and portals and also cover functions such as payment that are related to sensitive personal data. The customer should preferably not come into contact with the login at all, but if they do, it should have a good usability and a pleasant interface. The second challenge is implementation. What strategy is used to achieve consistent visual design in a large corporation with many individual portals and services?


The Outcome

The extensive development work resulted in a modular login mask which, after intensive requirements management, covers the use cases of the different services that will make use of it. The login elements are easy to implement and are accompanied by a style guide that enables consistent presentation throughout the company.