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Iconstorm on Artificial Intelligence in Design at South by Southwest 2018 in Austin, Tx

Bild: Beitragsbild Iconstorm SXSW 2018
Iconstorm is pleased to be part in this year’s edition of South by Southwest Conference. Meet Jochen Denzinger in Austin and join his panel on the promises and gaps of AI in Design.

Iconstorm board-member Jochen Denzinger is invited as panelist in SXSW’s German Haus.

Join the discussion on Sunday, March 11, 3:30 pm.



Within the last decade, the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals emerged as one of the places to discover and discuss the converging boundaries in the interactive, film, and music industries, and their impact on the world we live in. The SXSW’s program is overwhelming and heading current trends and tech-driven topics such as Artificial Intelligence and the era of the Algorithms, Mixed/Virtual/Augmented Realities, Robotics and digital fabrications, as well as e.g. Human Abilities, Consciousness and Purpose.

The line-up includes – amongst many other interesting experts – designer John Maeda, designer Bruce Mau, writer Walter Isaacson, editor Tom O’Reilly, Googler / futurist Ray Kurzweil, philanthropist Melinda Gates, and the politicians Bernie Sanders and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Participating companies include players such as Accenture, Apple, frog, Google, KUKA, IBM, and PwC.

SXSW takes place from March 9th to 18th in Austin Texas.


German Haus at SXSW

German Haus aims on creating an impressive exhibition of the latest innovations and output from Germany. It presents a bunch of interactive presentations, showcases, panels, meet-ups, concerts, and start-up pitches to foster professional dialogues and networking.

Each day is focused on special topics:

Sat, 03/10 (12PM – 2AM) – Smarter Cities & Mobility
Sun, 03/11 (10AM – 2AM) – New Technologies, New Industries
Mon, 03/12 (10AM – 2AM) – New Media & New Work
Tue, 03/13 (10AM – 5PM) – International Culture Tech Day with Austria
Wed, 03/14 (11AM – 4:30PM) – Wunderbar – Music Day
Thu, 03/15 (10AM – 4PM) – Blockchain & the Music Industry

The program is available online.


Panel »Experiencing AI«

On Sunday, March 11th, German Haus tackles »New Technologies & New Industries« and offers some promising exhibits, events and discussions. Participants include, amongst others, fischer-Appelt, Fraunhofer IDMT, Merck, Mercedes-Benz, Sennheiser, and Vuframe.

From 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Iconstorms Jochen Denzinger is invited as a panelist to discuss with his colleagues Marja Annecke (SinnerSchrader Swipe) and Ric Scheuss (TRO) the impact of AI on design and User Experience. The session will be hosted by Kristina Bonitz (SinnerSchrader).

Smart technologies such as AI begin to take over mundane tasks and start to shape our everyday experiences. This confronts us with a paradox: while technology satisfies user needs through extremely rational means, it does not necessarily address the fact that human cognition is driven by emotion as well and that experiencing products is more than technology.

The panel will discuss the promises and limitations of using artificial intelligence in future products and its impact on how they will be perceived and experienced. The challenge is to design truly human experiences. But how do we build them?


Join the panel on Experiencing AI

When? Sunday, March 11th at 3:30 pm

Where? German Haus @ Barracuda, 611 E 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701

 Or, If you are around and want to meet Jochen, simply drop him a line at