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Icons make functions visible and trigger actions. This contains always a moment of truth; a good icon will be understood intuitively. Visually appealing icons, which are purposefully arranged on a control panel, are essential elements of a comfortable user experience. Already at a customer’s first contact with a product, icons play an important role. A customer relies on the icons to understand the product and discover the range of its functionality. During regular usage, icons contribute to the user experience, which in turn has a significant impact on a customer’s brand loyalty. Consequently, icons don’t just trigger actions, they are also brand ambassadors.

Gutes Icon Design macht Ihre Marke jeden Tag erfahrbar.
A detailed and consistent icon system enables a user’s quick orientation and supports a design team’s fast development of digital products.
References: Telekom Icon Design und Telekom E-Mail

Double Duty: Icons as Brand Ambassadors

When we look at icons as brand ambassadors, we encounter two questions: the first is, ‘How well do the icons convey your brand?’ This translates into a task that can be mastered with care and experience. The second question, by contrast, is far more complex: ‘Do all icons together make for a unified user experience?’ This leads to a coordination process, by which all icons with their respective functions are harmonised with each other. This coordination process requires systemic thinking, supported by robust management tools.

Aus klaren Anforderungen an das Icon Design ergeben sich oft unterschiedliche Formen der Darstellung für eine Icon-Metapher
Icons are recognisable across all resolutions and display sizes.
Reference: Telekom Icon Design

Set variants are created for each icon.
Set variants are created for each icon.
Reference: Telekom Icon Design

Achieving Consistency Across the Eco-System of Your Brand

The more icons your organisation uses, the more important it becomes to achieve and maintain consistency across the whole eco-system of your brand. Simultaneously, this also becomes more challenging. A manufacturer of heating systems, for instance, may have to coordinate more than 2,500 icons across dozens of suppliers and touch points. Asynchronous production processes extend across digital and physical control panels. This translates into high quality assurance costs and also bears the risk of an inconsistent user experience. Errors have to be rectified time and again, at significant additional costs and often with substantial delays. With our management tools, such errors can be avoided right from the start.

Icons kommunizieren Funktionen und lösen Aktionen aus.
Icons display the different states of objects in a Smart Home.
Reference: Bosch Smart Home Icon Design

Formale Vorgaben für das Icon Design ergeben sich aus dem Corporate Design Richtlinen der Marke.
Specified design characteristics generate a consistent icon system and brand recognition.
Reference: Bosch Smart Home Icon Design

The Power of our Icon Tooling

We’ve been designing icons for decades. Along the way, we’ve built up our icon tooling for maximum connectivity to the systems of our clients. Its most powerful feature is its far-reaching zoom across the different levels of detail. This zoom enables us to localise and adapt the bezier points of each individual icon, its interplay with the icon set, and its positioning in the production process of the eco-system of your brand at any given time. As our tooling synchronises the design process with the implementation, we minimise the potential friction losses and throughout sustain a high level of clarity.

The Design Process

At the start of an icon design project, we generate a catalogue of requirements. It consists of an analysis of each icon with an evaluation of its function, its context in the user experience and the brand values it is supposed to convey. Our aesthetic design process is based on this icon requirement catalogue and includes the coordination of each icon with all the other icons of the set, so that the user can easily and clearly distinguish the function of each icon. Simultaneously, we document the construction of the icons in our icon guidelines, thereby accelerating the production process and keeping a consistently high quality standard.

The Implementation

Every icon has to be prepared carefully and with attention to detail for each interface in which it is used. This effort is also supported by our tooling. We integrate the finished assets seamlessly into your development environment and your product development process. That’s how we ensure every assets is correctly assigned and achieve overall consistency for the use of icons throughout your organisation.

With our time-tested tooling for the management of complex icon systems you can synchronise design processes across internal and external teams.
With our time-tested tooling for the management of complex icon systems you can synchronise design processes across internal and external teams.


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