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Increased customer value and better user experience

For over 15 years the Iconstorm team has been designing high quality digital products. We increase the benefit and customer value of your applications, both on enterprise level (e.g. e-mail clients) and in highly specialized areas (like medical technology). We optimize them for all devices and platforms and also according to the requirements and abilities of the users.

Image: The product as an ecosystem
Today’s products are ecosystems
Content, partners, user experience – products today are created in networks that add up to market perfomance and value only through the interaction of their singular parts. The overall experience is more than “just” product and service quality. As designers, we consciously think of products as systems and platforms in terms of a consistent, customer-oriented overall solution and can specifically increase their connectivity to all stakeholders.

Product Experience

Using Human Centered Design to increase customer value

The digital transformation has changed the expectations placed on products in a lasting way. The focus is no longer only on technological possibilities, but more so on the skills and needs of the users, which must be integrated into the product development process. The analysis of usage data as well as methods of social and behavioural research make this possible today. Iconstorm has been a successful pioneer within this transformation since its founding: We design products that balance human, technological and economic requirements; most, but not all, are digital or firmly integrated with a digital platform. Accordingly, our design processes and thought patterns are heavily influenced by this new context. We have advanced the Human Centered Design approach and have developed a comprehensive methodological framework that makes this work, which begins with empathy and ends with the definition of clear and measurable usage requirements, possible in the first place.

Image: Design process Double Diamond
An adaptable basic process
People over Process is a basic principle of our work. However, granting a lot of freedom needs the reassurance that decisions will be made in a responsible way. At Iconstorm we therefore focus on customizable frameworks and processes that help us and our customers achieve efficient and predictable results.

Image: Process framework for industry design
Standardization of design in a given process
We love the agile approach to work in teams characterized by diversity. However, we also know areas where requirements are completely different, for example from practical experience in medical technology or product safety. These then require a design process that is strongly aligned with the quality standards and procedures of the respective company. Therefore, the integration of design as a strategic instrument always means that the prevailing culture in the customer’s organization must be taken into account. If, for example, ISO processes are assumed, we actively adapt our framework to them.

Interaction design and Usability

Usage requirements evaluation and integration into product development

The successful management of user requirements as well as their systematic analysis and validation through testing form the backbone of optimal product development. Being able to discover what solutions customers are looking for, what action goals they pursue and what skills they possess is one of the key competencies for a company today. In our experience, a good mix is the be-all and end-all here: by observing real user behavior, empathetically putting oneself in the customer’s context and systematically evaluating usage data, it is possible to generate robust requirements. Since efficient requirements management is of central importance for our work, we have set up a process that allows us to incorporate the users’ interaction with the product into the development process right from the start. Past results of this approach have shown that the usability of a product can be significantly increased in this way.

Image: Co-Creation
Co-Creation: Making customers a partner in the design process
Customers do not always know immediately what they need. But with a little help they are able to find it out. We have developed methods and processes that make working together with the end user a valuable tool for optimizing products or services.

Image: Prototyping
Convincing prototypes support transparent decisions
At Iconstorm, we work according to the principle of show, don’t tell. Developing and testing prototypes is an important part of our daily work, regardless of the current project phase. A strategic and meaningful use of prototypes is an efficient way to assist decision processes even up to the final product.

Image: User feedback as a part of the design process
Testing, testing, testing – user feedback is the basis of advancement
Not a lot of things in design are without an alternative. However, user feedback is one of these things. As a design agency we certainly do not test our work ourselves. However, we do plan and support the conduction of user tests together with our clients. Our experience from hundreds of tests enables us to help integrate user feedback into the development process effectively.

Image: Iconstorm's Validation Poker as a card game
Choosing the right ideas
In our projects, there is often an abundance of ideas present. However, modern and multidisciplinary teams need a basis for choosing the right ones in a responsible way. Therefore, we put great importance on transparency and documentation within the strategic design process. The instruments we developed in service of this help guide working hypotheses from the early project phases towards an assessable and measurable requirement profile.

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